Naija Teen Fashion 2010

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Fashion, Just Stuff, Lifestyle

When the young embrace fashion,they do it in a way reminiscent of how a 4 year old goes on a shopping rampage when the toys are cool and shiny and the cash is in free-flow. Hanging out at the Silverbird Galleria, where OUCH has opened its 3rd shop for a month or so now,I have witnessed varying degrees of style in this faux adults, some that would make Andre 3000 or Andre Leon Talley inspired,and some that would make Lady Gaga cringe! From infusing bow ties into casual wear to the bright,at times gaudy colors they adorn to the punk looking hairstyles and the nerdy sunglasses to this new rage of substituting the belt loop for the wrist when it comes to where to wear the watch.

It all might seem a tad uninteresting to the average Nigerian but on closer look,I think it just might remind us of how the young one are to a very large extent influenced by what we adults do. On a friday or saturday night,it is not strange to see 13 to 16 year old girls wearing shorts so tiny that you begin to wonder if their parents didn’t see them on their way out of the house.

Fine we know that fashion evolves and as some say perhaps we might altogether get back to the garden of Eden mode soon enough,but I believe that we should not for the sake of appearing fashionable forget that most important edge we Africans have over the West; a functional and yes, very rich and sustainable culture. In as much as we try to look good,feel among,and dress fly, it would still be wrong if our fashion tastes are deemed indecent or racy by the very people we are trying to impress with our fashionable taste.

In all sincerity at times when I observe the fashion and style of these teens,I see some young ones that I am pretty certain could turn out to be very successful style consultants,fashion designers and so much more,but my message is just this; even if we as adults try all our best to give our young ones freedom and a sense of identity,even if we choose to stand back and let them make their own way through life, I think it is best that when the appropriate time comes,we should not forget that nudging them in the right direction could save not only them,but us also. Or would we have gotten this far if no one at one time or the other pushed us in the “right” direction,sometimes against our own wills?

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