Posted: June 16, 2012 in Poetry, Summons
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The road gets slippery under us

But never slips us off our path.

The road filled through with thorns

Seems to us the smoothest one,

Our hearts for once do not forget

The final destination of our dreams.

We have troubles but never worry

We are lonely but never feel forgotten,

We stand fast in our faith

Each day making us braver and stronger still.

We are pressed on all sides,but not crushed,

We are perplexed,but not in despair,

Persecuted but not forsaken,

Cast down but not destroyed.

We face storms and come out victors,

Tempests and we triumph.

We scale hurdles and not once

do we brush the bar.

We survive these rough times

And get our share of pain.

But we don`t get pain alone;

We get joy unknown to men,

Strength that never fails;

And most of all we get a crown of gold.


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