Posted: June 18, 2012 in Just Stuff, Poetry, Summons
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The stars above illuminate our hearts,
The silent drizzling of this tropical rain nourishes our land and our faith.
Our eyes have shed much tears and thus are blinded to pain,
We have been through hell and worse,
So this man-made fire merely bounces off our already toughened skins.
We have come to accept our weaknesses as signs of our mortality,
So we retain our bravery against greater foes.
Our failures are a sign of progress,
Our bruises tell us victory is near!
In diversity we remain one:
Our voices are many, but our hearts are one.
We dig our feet deep in the mud,
Arms linked, as well as our hearts,
For none here seek personal gains
Above this gift of peaceful days on our native land.
With our doubts bottled up we gather,
We forget pain, fear or glory as we stand for life and liberty….


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