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In a move that will be the United States’ first official offensive reaction against the Nigerian radical islamist sect Boko Haram, the US departments of State and Treasury are to officially apply the label of “Foreign Terrorist” to the three main figures of the militant Islamic sect.

The move comes in the wake of constant criticism of the Obama administration’s indecision in taking a definitive action against Boko Haram, which aims to impose an Islamic caliphate of sorts in northern Nigeria, and has been responsible for incessant bombings and violence in the region. On Sunday it attacked 3 churches in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna, killing and wounding countless citizens of the state.

The three chief figures at the helm of affairs of the sect as identified by the US government are Abubakar Shekau 43, Abubakar Adam Kambar 35, and Khalid al Barnawi 36 all Nigerian citizens. In a video released not so long ago, Abubakar Shekau allegedly aligned himself with dreaded terrorist organization Al Qaeda which might have heightened the US government’s resolve to finally take a stand. All three will have their US assets frozen and US citizens will be forbidden from having any dealings with them.

The decision however doesn’t go down well with some US lawmakers and the Justice department who are demanding that the US government label the entire group as a foreign terrorist organization and deal with it as such. In January, Lisa Monaco, the Justice Department’s top security official sent a letter to the State department citing that Boko Haram meets the criteria of a “foreign terrorist” being that it engages in terrorist acts that threaten the United States, or that it has the wherewithal to do so.

Interestingly, some US academic experts on Africa are of the opinion that the US should not label the group a terrorist organization. In a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in May, they argued that such a label would only serve to enhance the group’s reputation and standing especially among new recruits and apologists.

Since 2011, Boko Haram has been responsible for an increasingly brazen spate of bombings which have claimed close to a thousand lives, and have wounded and displaced countless others with property entering billions of Naira also being destroyed.


adapted from Reuters



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