Posted: August 17, 2012 in Summons

Its broken news, and quite a shame when Twitter verification becomes newsworthy and we all rush blog to blog to read and share this “exclusive news”. I mean we all surf the web, we all read foreign newspapers, Blogs and magazines and how often, if ever, do we come across news that this celebrity or the other has (to quote a popular blogger) “joined the exclusive list of Twitter verified celebrities”?
Of course some will argue that one of the the purposes of news is to inform and they will be right. But when that information is of no particular importance,or brings nothing by way of lasting interest to the senses, won’t we be right there and then to draw a line? If we now feel the need, in the quest to inform, to fill the minds of readers with news that is as useless as it is asinine, isn’t there then cause to raise alarm?
There are those who say the new craze for and about Twitter verification is just a portrayal of how mundane and shallow we are in our thinking, how superficial we are in our appreciation of that which is important. They argue that being that Twitter verification is hardly a globally laudable achievement why then do we make such noise about something that is free and only requires that you follow some laid down guidelines set by the guys at Twitter? They wonder why have we turned it to the new celebrity accessory much like an Alexander Amosun jewel encrusted iPhone 4s?
Here’s my own take; we are a nation long bruised and broken by societal failures, we have since submitted ourselves to the stagnating yoke of mediocrity and such feel the need to celebrate the little victories, the mundane achievements, the superficial accomplishments which we hope will keep us on the positive side of the walls of social relevance and increase our social standing. From the mundane to the ridiculous we pass on news to celebrate that at least we have made a move, the world has noticed us, we are making a mark in the global market and the world is noticing. All because an handle gets verified. Pity.
As such, we continue the vicious cycle of mediocrity, that lonesome walk of national shame, consoling ourselves with the crumbs of online relevance and abusing the ideals of journalistic excellence.
When you start to see “Social Status: Twitter Verified” on resumes or in celebrity press kits, don’t pull out your Brazilian hair, remember you heard it here first.

  1. King kObOkO says:

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    Wen will u b twitter-verified? *winks*

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