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It saddens my heart when people who are supposed to be a guiding light in the journalistic world carry on with emotionally-tainted disregard of the ideals of their trade. And there, I just insulted all journalists. Pardon me, majority of Nigerian bloggers have no right to sign their name on the membership forms of your esteemed profession.

In a bid to knock someone down or show your displeasure, hate, beef, bad belle, envy (pick all that apply) it makes no professional sense to influence your readers with your own bile and bitterness and poison the minds of your readers about a particular brand or person.

In all fairness to you all, you have been quiet about your disapproval of the Kukere Remix on your blogs, but you have all shamelessly taken to Twitter, saying all sorts about a song that has for the most part retained its originality and served as a good example of what a remix should sound like, and much better than all the quack and mediocre songs you guys “leak” and release “exclusively” on your blogs.

If all the hatred and lack of objectivity is because Iyanya ( a young man who we must all applaud, having failed with his initial attempts at making music, but who has come out to give us a true Nigerian  street classic “Kukere” , heavy on percussion as suits our musical tastes, and  laced with the rich culture of the Calabar people) featured Dbanj the “turncoat, betrayer” and all other expletives you have hurled at him since he joined Good music, then perhaps you guys need to explore alternative occupation for your time.

I have listened to the Kukere remix over and over again on the Bellanaija site, I am most critical of modern Nigerian music as my friends and followers on Twitter will attest to, but since listening to this track for the 5th time now I must say I am immensely impressed with what the duo of Iyanya and Dbanj have been able to do with the track. The producer D’Tunes has successfully blended Dbanj’s eccentric style of music with the joyous, dancy feel that we have come to love in Iyanya since the “Kukere” tune filled our airwaves, and to the trio I say GOOD JOB!

Before he crossed to the “dark side” or joined up with the “Illuminati” at Good Music, we all loved the Koko Master, Dbanj for his seemingly meaningless but catchy lyrics and has he failed us on this track? Has he not stayed true to his style of music? Has he sold out as so many of his former fans have all because he felt he needed to take his career to the next level?

I accept that nepotism and mediocrity are stock in trade for most of those in the field of entertainment journalism in Nigeria, but when do we begin to draw the line on what is objective and what is just pure hatred glossed over with the pretentious façade of the designation “blogger”? When do we really begin to take the time to listen, watch and observe music and movies and give an objective widely respected review of the subject matter? Or must the curse of mediocrity trail us in whatever we do?


Please listen to the track here http://www.bellanaija.com/2012/08/20/new-music-iyanya-feat-dbanj-kukere-remix/ and let me know what you think in the comments section. Thanks 

  1. King kObOkO says:

    My broda, its gud dat u acknowledge d power of bloggers. But I must remind u dat Nigerians luv blogs cos of d same “lack of objectivity” which u’r criticizin here. Yes, its ironic but true. Peopl luv controversy, gossip & biased opinions. Its more entertainin dat way. Dat’s why its called ENTERTAINMENT, isn’t it? *winks*

  2. tunde says:

    oga dbanj no go call u…if u like delete my comment

  3. John Tapiya Joseph says:

    Bros, for real lets be objective and not allow our perception becloud our judgement and lets be real, I listened to Kukere remix the day it was dropped and sincerely there was nothing remix about the song, we’ve heard remixes world over and we’ve come to know the concept of remixing songs they ought to sound better not just putting a few words to the original and think yea we’ve done it which is exactly what Iyanya and D’banj succeeded in doing and for real I didn’t like the idea when I saw the link I ran to it just because I thought I was going to get a new feeling but it was a failure no value lyrically and it was the same KUkere sound that we’ve heard in the clubs and the radio go back and listen to fimile original and fimily remix, and Tuface’s I will be right there then you’d come to terms with what a remix is supposed to be like.

    My simple opinion

    • wildeyeq says:

      I agree with you a lot that it would have been better if a different beat or feel had been explored for the remix. But wouldn’t that have come at the cost of erasing the memory of the original that is still getting massive airplay so early? Granted that as remixes go, we still have a lot to do in this part of the world.

  4. John Tapiya Joseph says:

    A remix is supposed to come with something new, remember nfane mbaga by 2face ? (Sorry for my spelling o’) when Benny man came in he changed the concept of the song entirely, sometimes the remix does not they don’t meet up with the original but we just wanna hear something fdifferent and that’s why its a remix

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