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Yesterday the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Aviation Minister Stella Oduah re-instated the operating

Stella Oduah

license of Dana Air. The license had been suspended to allow the aviation ministry carry out investigations into what led to the crash of the ill-fated Dana Air Flight 992 of June 3 2012. A crash responsible for the death of all 159 passengers and members of crew on board, and a still to be accurately determined number of persons on ground at the compound in Iju-Ishaga, Lagos Nigeria where the plane crashed. Investigations started off with a bit of hope but suddenly faltered as accusations and counter-accusations from both sides of the divide threatened to stall any form of progress. The government, the umpire in this case, which had promised that it would not stand idly by and allow the death of its citizens to go unaccounted for seemed to be winning the popular support on the issue. That was till yesterday, when news of the reinstatement broke.


Now I’m not one for emotion-laden rabble rousing, or here looking to score cheap points via sentimental issues. These are facts- people died. Some group of people in a bid to reduce costs or for private gains neglected the principles of the safety of air travelers and vehicles. As such mothers lost children, sons their fathers; whole families were scarred for life. All for what now?

Plane Wreckage


You might think this does not concern me and you, but are you sure? I remember that day in June, I was in my brother’s house in Ifako Ijaiye, I heard the sound of a plane flying dangerously low and when I came out to check, the acrid smell of what must have been fuel or oils filled the air. I remember saying to someone that “God I hope that plane is not going to crash”. Then I went out to Ogba to go watch Nigeria play a football match. Suddenly news filtered in over Twitter and Blackberry Messenger of a plane crash over at Iju-Ishaga, I remember now that the first thing I did was tweet about the fact that it must have been the plane that flew so low over a house I was in. I had my few moments of “there but for the grace of God goes Edward” and then it dawned on me that some would have not been so fortunate. Sounds of sirens filled the air as ambulances rushed to save whatever lives they could, and as we watched the match on TV you could tell people were subdued, fearing the worst and praying that none of theirs would be on the plane.

By evening identities of those who had been on the flight began to roll out, it wasn’t till Monday morning that I realized that someone I knew was on the flight. Pastor Akin of HOTR Abuja, a jolly good man and a snappy dresser who was one of our customers at my former office was gone too. I remembered the way he used to joke as he tried to get a bargain, and how he flowed freely with us switching from English to Yoruba, and the confidence that emanated from his person. He was gone forever, victim of a system anchored on greed, mediocrity and illicit gain.

Pastor Akin

But still we had hope that the government would do something this time, past governments had phased out the Sosolisos and co after such plane crashes. And so we were certain that a crash of this magnitude, one that got the whole world commiserating with us, would make the government ensure that no Dana Aircraft ever flies our skies. That is if the company would not altogether be crippled with fines and all. We were all wrong.


Without any regard for the opinion of the people, and not putting into consideration the fragile emotional states that bereaved families would still be in, the Nigerian government took the side of a corporate behemoth over the safety of lives and property of the people it swore to serve. Of course they will feel they owe us no explanations; that we won’t understand how they have been able to come to this decision. But we do not care. We just need the government to support us when we are in battle against these corporate mass murderers. Not to abandon us to our own fate just to satisfy personal agreements entered into behind closed doors, or to sustain evil alliances that only enrich a greedy few.

Hope of Nigeria?


I have a few questions for Stella Oduah and the FG:


  • What are the findings of your investigation team that has warranted that a company under suspicion of negligence in its safety procedures be allowed to again carry our sisters, fathers and children through the skies?
  • The black box report which is expected to be concluded by next year, have your people determined a way to speed up the process and have concluded on the cause of the crash?
  • What safety agreements have been signed with Dana Air (other airlines too) to ensure that disasters of this magnitude do not again befall our people?
  • What court or panel has exonerated Dana Air from any complicity through commission or negligence in the cause of the crash?

Well I know we won’t get a response, at least not one that is devoid of insincerity and sophistry. So we must again take our destiny into our own hands. Go to http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/boycott-stop-dana-air-from-operating-again-in-nigeria  and please sign the petition to stop Dana Air from flying our skies. I just did


We must bring the change we need.


God Bless you.

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