Posted: September 20, 2012 in Summons

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In a world, where even some of the able bodied amongst us have chosen loafing around and milking the resources of the system instead of applying their God given abilities to eke out a living, a few men, though with disabilities that obviously should normally put them at a disadvantage in a fast paced world like ours, have chosen to, against all odds, not sink to the depths of become a drag and a dreg in society.

Mohammed was born in Kano in 1978. He was born a healthy, bubbly, and vivacious kid. He cried normally like many normal kids, he ate and slept like infants should. Then misfortune struck. Mohammed fell sick. Unfortunately for him, his parents where to poor to afford the appropriate kind of health care for young Mohammed. The illness got worse, and in the end he lost his limbs due to complications. The sun of…

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