Posted: November 8, 2012 in Poetry, Summons
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Sometimes the knockout punch, is actually a push in the right direction…

But so many times we don’t see the lessons when life and God nudges us where we should go. I just discovered this poem below, and it speaks a whole lot about how being cut off could be the best thing to happen to us. How renewal can come out of the deadness of a path gone cold…

Please enjoy, and don’t forget to share.

“Your services are no longer required”
He stared in disbelief
“Your presence is a liability.
You are fired. Effective immediately.”

Suddenly, his ‘value’ was spelled out,
Years of work amounting to nothing,
For his masters had found,
A cheaper, efficient replacement.

The pain of being irrelevant,
The ignominy and insult,
Delivering a lethal punch,
He crumbled slowly from within.

In the greenback world,
Of icy hearts and wanton desires,
He was an expendable asset,
A hired muscle and brain.

Still, he swallowed his pride,
Out of habit and a cultivated servitude,
“I understand,” he said and left.
With his former life packed in a box.

But something happened as he walked away,
From the clutches of the corporate machine,
A light, glowing, warm feeling spread through him,
Rediscovering the freedom that had long evaded him…

There was no looking back now,
A clean slate, a new life,
The knockout punch was a gentle push,
For the lazy genius within…

Firing was a wake up call,
The best thing that ever happened to him,
He stopped being what he wasn’t,
To be who he was born to be…

Omkar Phatak 2012

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