The Bible is an Ocean

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Summons

Diamond Mike Watson


Is everything in the Bible? Is there some ancient mystery of life that was left out? The Bible is an ocean. It contains fierce sharks and gentle dolphins. Everything one needs to know to live a fulfilling, happy life is contained between its covers. The problem is that one must paddle through its pages, separating the calm water from the crashing waves. Is every single word God-breathed? Is every verse inspired by God? How do you feel when a particular verse is read? Does it speak to your heart? People like to trust the written word because they yearn for something to hold onto, called truth. Does every written word really answer the puzzle of life?

The teachings of Jesus, however, are simple. Without complex words, Jesus used parables to encourage people to think. A commandment Jesus taught was to love one’s neighbor as oneself. It seemed that Jesus could…

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