Who Am I?

The thing is, I’m no writer. Not even close. I am a believer in the good of all mankind, of man’s ability to go beyond the confines of situational and societal constraints and achieve optimally, that which God, or whatever higher power he believes in, has destined for him.

My vision in life is to be a solution provider, a vessel (not a channel) conveying God’s gifts of my blessings through excellent service to my neighbor, unto my society, and ultimately to help raise a generation of believers in their self worth, who can converge to exert meaningful influence on a society.

Summons is a brainchild of my desire to give life to thoughts that have been, and are being bred in my mind over the years. From Leadership,Management,Parenting,Sports, Poetry, to general issues that we encounter in our everyday lives.

Summons is a wake up call,a beacon to lead the way.

Summons will be a collection of my thoughts,desires,yearnings and dreams of what could be. And will eventually be,if action is taken on the right course.

Summons is a collection of words that will take the form of articles,poems,sayings,quotes and everything in between.
Join me on this journey and please know that your comments will inspire me to do so much more.
We are as good as we WANT to be.


  1. i Believe in the good of mankind too x

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