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Lone candle snuffed out by a bitter wind hell bent on destroying this spark of greatness…zara

No tears now,

Peace at last for this angel whose gentle smiles lit up the tiniest crevices where fear found abode.

Stranger, not friend; yet tears roll silently down these faces as word arrives that this star is gone home to rest among shiny lights and angels in clouds afar.

Long lonely road to get you right where you are,

But now no tears, no more pain: no joy has left these hearts.

Now peace with the memory that you brought with you laughter, your voice and your blessed heart.

Loaded you came to give of you selflessly,

Now empty of all earthly treasures you return to the maker head held high,

Shoulders straight, confident in the fact that you have shared your gifts with all who passed you along the way…


The US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has warned that Russia is sending Attack Helicopters to the aid of Syrian President Bashar Assad, a move she warns would only escalate the already tense atmosphere in the country.

The UN and several countries have blamed Assad’s regime for masterminding the deaths, torture and kidnapping of the regime’s opponents which have been ongoing in Syria recently. Most notably the Homs massacre.

China and Russia have stood behind the Syrian regime throughout the duration of the 15 month long conflict, and this new move by Moscow could spell doom for the UN plan to put an end to the crisis.

In related news, there are also reports emerging that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are arming Anti-Assad forces, increasing fears of a full blown civil war.


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Found this very interesting, Hope it touches you too