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Posted: June 14, 2012 in Poetry, Summons
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The senseless machinations of yesteryears have backfired in our face.

The life we lived without input from any quarter,

Has now brought us pain unmeasured.

Why of all the things to do

Did we think revenge was a juice of victors?

Rather than a poisoned cup

From which the hunter must drink as well as the hunted?

Why did we not realize then

That forgiveness is not weakness,

That yielding does not leave us without strength?

The foolish orchestrations to harm those who seemingly wronged us

Has now left us more wounded

Than those we intended to maim.

Who brought on us this pain?

This hiding in the shadows so the world will not see

The countless bruises that stupidity has inflicted on our hearts?

Will we not at least learn that forgiveness is a key

That opens unto us any door that man or god has shut in our face?

Do we not know that anger is but toxin?

And that little by little

The bitterness we allow to grow unchecked in us

Will one day poison us?

Let’s move on in life and leave these useless baggages behind

So that the errors of yesterday will not poison our tomorrow.