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The Price

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Poetry, Summons
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What happens when the love of family dies?

When the smiles, laughter and joy

That bound you all together,

And made you feel like nobles

Even when you lived in that dingy apartment,

Fades into oblivion for a year;

Or perhaps eternity…Who knows?

What happens now that no arms welcome you  home from work?

When the smiles that brightened your day

Have now gotten a substitute of darkness so thick

That all who come in contact with it

Leave with souls miserable?

Who set you on this rate race?

This aimless pursuit of dreams

Fueled not by a desire to contribute, to reach out, or to heal?

But one solely spurred on by a need to bury

The seeming shame of the past;

To stand at last with shoulders high,

Head in the clouds, smiling with satisfaction within .

Feeling proud, saying “yes I did it all alone”

Well the medals are won, victory’s yours

But pray tell dear friend, at what cost?