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In the darkness of my soul
Lord shine your light and make me whole.
I am far away and need your touch
Let me your eyes forever watch.
For the foe I face is great indeed
And I am now in great need.
Of your guiding light i need more,
Not human weapons to win this war.
Look on me with compassion dear father
For then my life will be brought back together
Let my sins that reach to the sky
Be all gone from under the gaze of your eye.
In my foolishness I displeased you
But now I come crying unto you.
Give ear Lord and help me through
For your word says you’re faithful and true
Forsake me not into the enemy’s hand
For he attacks like a roving band.
Pull me up from this darkened pit
And again my foe let me beat;
Let my sword put him to flight
Again Lord let me see the light.

Inspired by Rembrandt’s “The Return of the Prodigal Son”