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Lone candle snuffed out by a bitter wind hell bent on destroying this spark of greatness…zara

No tears now,

Peace at last for this angel whose gentle smiles lit up the tiniest crevices where fear found abode.

Stranger, not friend; yet tears roll silently down these faces as word arrives that this star is gone home to rest among shiny lights and angels in clouds afar.

Long lonely road to get you right where you are,

But now no tears, no more pain: no joy has left these hearts.

Now peace with the memory that you brought with you laughter, your voice and your blessed heart.

Loaded you came to give of you selflessly,

Now empty of all earthly treasures you return to the maker head held high,

Shoulders straight, confident in the fact that you have shared your gifts with all who passed you along the way…


She’s all of me.

From the first light of morningForbidden_Love_by_Maz6277

When I awake to a brand new day

To nighttime when I lay my head to rest

And drift into oblivion.

For her, sleep eludes me

And when it comes

It brings visions of her smile

Of her presence

Of her wondrous mind

Of her svelte body

And her amazing heart.

In her I find inspiration

And when I falter she shows mercy,

In forgiveness she encourages me,

Helping me across bridges from fear to hope.

She’s not mine

But this life is meaningless without her.

Her embodiment has filled my being

And my soul wholly consumed.

I have lost all worldly desires as she possesses me,

Praying to God that she leads me home….


For Onyinye

Our society tolerates gross unfairness every day. It tolerates misogyny, racism and the callous indifference to those born without privilege.

But we manage to find endless umbrage for petty slights and small-time favoritism.

When a teacher gives one student a far better grade than he deserves, and does it without shame, we’re outraged. When the flight attendant hands that last chicken meal to our seatmate, wow, that’s a slight worth seething over for hours.

When Bull Connor directed fire hoses and attack dogs on innocent kinds in Birmingham, it conflated the two, the collision of the large and the small. Viewers didn’t witness the centuries of implicit and explicit racism, they saw a small, vivid act, moving in its obvious unfairness. It was the small act that focused our attention on the larger injustice.

I think that most of us are programmed to process the little stories, the emotional ones, things that touch people we can connect to. When it requires charts and graphs and multi-year studies, it’s too easy to ignore.

We don’t change markets, or populations, we change people. One person at a time, at a human level. And often, that change comes from small acts that move us, not from grand pronouncements.


New Message!

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A swallowtail once took a message
From your lips to Mine,
The message was the sweetest and best it could find.
I found the answer in your eyes in a moment full of bliss…
The message was “I love you”
The answer was a kiss.

Two very simple truths:

a. Don’t waste your time initiating relationships that aren’t going to thrive and benefit both sides.

b. Productive connection requires mutual trust. You can’t empathize with someone you don’t trust.

If you enter an engagement filled with wariness, alert for the scam, the inauthentic and the selfish, you’ll poison the relationship before it even starts. Those you deal with won’t be challenged to rise to your expectations of excitement and goodwill. Instead, they’ll struggle in the face of your skepticism.

Instead of seeking and amplifying the sharp edges, consider focusing on the dignity and goodwill of the people you’re working with.

Sure, there are people out there who will disappoint you. But expecting to be ripped off poisons all your interactions instead of saving you from a few dead ends.

An open mind and an open heart usually lead to precisely that in those that you are about to deal with. Perhaps we should give people a chance to live up to our trust instead of looking for the gotcha.


Seth Godin



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I wish I could somehow, perhaps by magic,

Bring meaning to this flood of words

That threaten to drown me and take me under

This ocean of verbal exuberance.

One word it takes to leave its host

And drop like a ray of sunlight in darkness,

Then suddenly this spiritual silence;

This inspirational hibernation ceases.

Then like the magical all-reaching hands of spring,

Every part of me, every muscle, every drop of blood

Is awakened and renewed

To enjoy and pass on this miracle

From cell to cell, organ to organ,

Till at last my whole being is re-energized,

And those events that unfold to shape my thinking

To that of a habitual failure are erased.

And then my head is held high,

My shoulders lifted

As I pick my pen to create another masterpiece

That leaves me feeling not like another man

Who can’t seem to put his life in focus,

But as a confident player on the field of champions.

Essentially a star.


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Take your hand off the door knob,
Don’t leave yet, dispatch the cab.
Sit on the couch here beside me,
Or if you like we’ll sit under the tree
Out in the garden that took us years to plant.
Whatever it is you can’t leave now. You can’t.
Tell me why you want to say goodbye,
Answer me, look me in the eye!
Whatever is making you change your mind
At least be kind…
Speak no more
For you do not understand this war
That rages in my heart
And makes me regret my sojourn on earth.
You speak as though a stranger
You forget where we are.
Were you not there when the storm began raging?
When our young love suddenly started aging?
You were there those nights I used to cry
When I realised our young love was about to die.
Now my tears have ceased totally,
My mind is made up finally.
I leave for no destination
Though I know God understands my frustration.
I leave you here tonight
But i know someday you’ll see the light.
Be strong, please try.
Now my tears have ceased totally,
My mind is made up finally.
I leave for no destination
Though I know God understands my frustration.
I leave you here tonight
But i know someday you’ll see the light.
Be strong, please try.


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Up! Rise with the sun at dawn!
Get ready for another day.
Forget yesterday’s pleasures and the fun
Let your feet tow the narrow way.

Have one last look at this lovely home,
But purpose my friend to move to higher ground.
Keep your eyes on yonder dome,
Don’t allow your feet to be bound.

See, the sun shines brightly in the sky
So let your faith, this morning renew.
Forward! Watch your doubts fly
As you begin everything anew.

Up! Rise with the sun at dawn
And move on to a better land,
Let the wind carry you, run!
You hold the future in your hand.

The Price

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Poetry, Summons
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What happens when the love of family dies?

When the smiles, laughter and joy

That bound you all together,

And made you feel like nobles

Even when you lived in that dingy apartment,

Fades into oblivion for a year;

Or perhaps eternity…Who knows?

What happens now that no arms welcome you  home from work?

When the smiles that brightened your day

Have now gotten a substitute of darkness so thick

That all who come in contact with it

Leave with souls miserable?

Who set you on this rate race?

This aimless pursuit of dreams

Fueled not by a desire to contribute, to reach out, or to heal?

But one solely spurred on by a need to bury

The seeming shame of the past;

To stand at last with shoulders high,

Head in the clouds, smiling with satisfaction within .

Feeling proud, saying “yes I did it all alone”

Well the medals are won, victory’s yours

But pray tell dear friend, at what cost?